$TOOL is the coin that powers the CNFT Tools and TOOLHEADS ecosystem

Key Facts

  • $TOOL will have a supply of 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)
  • $TOOL will be decimalised to 6 places.
  • $TOOL will be available to buy and sell on Cardano DEXs


  • 10% of $TOOL supply (100,000,000) is reserved for an initial liquidity fund. This will be paired with 100,000 ADA to create initial liquidity pool(s) for trading.
  • 5% of $TOOL supply (50,000,000) is reserved for marketing purposes.
  • 85% of $TOOL supply is reserved to be emitted through the TOOLHEAD staking platform. There is NO presale. The only way to initially acquire $TOOL will be through the TOOLHEAD STAKING PLATFORM.